Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Change Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Change Project - Essay Example Emotion or  affect  is the  method  in humanistic psychology that recognizes feelings and the  consideration  that results to transformations in performance and  cognition. A person realizes the need to change when something happens. This is a practical  proof  that works for individuals, healthy  family  growth  and couples. There are several behavioral forms. Change of behavior  is widely investigated  and  is applied  for parenting method. A person should  cease  the behavior and begin to work directly on  transformation. Regarding thoughts  technique, there should be  motivation  that originates from the inside because the  secret  to  achievement  is within each and  everyone. If a person has  positive  faith and  devotion  to what they do,  subsequently  things work out in a positive way. In system technique, a person needs to be  optimistic  to  attain  what he wants. Support from family is  essential  for a persons’  achievement  because  system  change involves the whole system and not just an  individual. Culture plays a crucial role when initiating change. Working against  predominant  customs will make attaining  transformation  harder, but working with it and identifying fundamental forces can  aid  ease  change. Reaction to  modification  when change  is forced  is  constantly  difficult  (Whitbourne, 2010).Reference Whitbourne, S. K. (2010). Beginnings: Psychological Perspectives on Four Types of Change. Retrieved October 19, 2011, from Psychology Today:

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