Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Summary of How diversity works Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary of How diversity works - Essay Example It has been shown to be crucial in enhancing creativity. It also gives rise to more information and perspectives and hence proper decision making and solution to the problems. Likewise, diversity has been shown to help one change ways of thinking. There are various ways in which diversity is linked to information and innovation. This is seen as different people are brought together. Such people bring different things like information, ideas, and perspectives. It is noted that people differing in terms of issues such as race and gender when brought together bring with them unique information and knowledge. The attributes help in solving a task at hand or easy achievement of the goal. The diversity of gender and racial has been shown through research to enhance innovation and a hence boost of various organizations. Secondly, diversity is shown to have an effect on studies and education. Concern for diversity in this area has been based on productivity and equity. As it exists, gender and culture is said to have a significant influence on science. The influence is seen on what one chooses to study. For example, the male and females may choose to take a different direction of a particular study to generate results that are favorable to their view. Culture, on the other hand, may take a different approach to particular study. The result is good as it led to the development of different insight in a particular field of study. Thirdly, diversity has been shown to lead to an exchange of a wider range of information. Social diversity is said to increased difference in perspective. Members that are less diverse are more likely to agree as compared to socially diverse people. The disagreement in diverse people makes members work hard both cognitively and socially to build a consensus at ease. Such level of concentration has shown to lead to better results. Diversity is also seen in the field of science. Opening science to public participation has led

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