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Progression of Black Masculinity - 2036 Words

Nearly every decade consists of at least one film that helps to define the development of a generation. The film is able to paint a clear enough picture that not only captures the cultural aspects of the generation but also portrays the social implications and complexities associated with the environment the culture thrives in. In regards to the genre of hip hop and rap and its relationship with black life and urban imagery for example, Cooley High may be representative for a generation that was in their 20’s during the debut of the movie. The next generation of the 1980’s would most likely be able to understand the interworking’s of the movie Krush Groove whereas the generation of the 1990’s would more than likely link themselves to such films as New Jack City and Juice. These films depicting the rise of black boys to black men were in rarity during their debut and because of the popular actors and underlining themes in them have had a significant long la sting impact on people of color as well as young white Americans that have been somewhat interested in the everyday struggle of their inner city counterparts. Through a careful analysis of films such as Krush Groove depicting black life in the 1980’s to the urban imagery displayed in the 1990’s movies of Juice and New Jack City the progression of the portrayal of young black males can be observed as well as the difference in viewpoints on black humanity, and stereotypes. Minorities have overcome significant hurdles in theShow MoreRelatedMedia and Visual Culture Interpreted the Notion of Black Masculinity774 Words   |  3 PagesBlack masculinity has been a very intricate and compelling notion. Through media and visual culture, an operational interpretation of black masculinity was coined. From the emergence of the original gangster (OG), to the successful, intellectual middle class black male-Cliff Huxtable as evidenced by a fictional character in the Cosby show. As more black celebrities advance in their career, more specifically comedians, they further define and challenge the image of black masculinity. When it comesRead MoreThe Beliefs Of Misconceptions And Gender, Race, And Sexuality1472 Words   |  6 Pagesshaped by gender, race, and sexuality that frame Black men and women’s treatment of one another, as well as how African Americans are perceived and treated by others† (p.7). These ideas encapsulate a false understanding of the issues surrounding the persecutions the black community undergoes frequent. The notion of Black sexual politics addresses many connotations influencing behaviors as well as analyzing the reasons as to what affects explain the Black injustice created within our social structureRead MoreGay, Lesbian, And Queer Essays On Popular Culture909 Words   |  4 Pageshomophobia is rampant in not just the black community, but all communities. Theses essays takes a theoretical screen shot of how homosexuality was dealt with during the time of which this book was released. This book also shows the progression with the LGBT community from then to now. Ford, Zack. New Survey Debunks the Myth Of Black Homophobia. Think Progressive. N.p., 26 Feb. 2016. Web. 13 Apr. 2016. Ford’s article challenges what the world is saying about black homophobia. It gives reasoning behindRead MoreSexuality, Gender, Masculinity, And Sexual Orientation991 Words   |  4 Pagesfor males. Despite the progressions society has made in accepting the LGBTQ+ community, there is still a long way to go to de-genderize sexuality, or to unlink sexuality, gender identity, and gender roles. As seen in various studies including â€Å"The Complex Negotiations of Gender Roles, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation† by Nagoshi et. al, â€Å"Does Nature Rule? A Sex Reassignment Tragedy† by Lindsey, and â€Å"‘I Always Felt I Had to Prove My Manhood’: Homosexuality, Masculinity, Gender Role Strain, andRead MoreSouthern Cross: The Beginnings of the Bible Belt by Heyman Christine Leigh1535 Words   |  6 Pagestheir movements and in turn, the extent to which blacks could participate in religious activities. On the other hand, women and children were co nsidered weak at both family and societal level. Both factors ensured the southern white patriarchs’ capability to ensure the reactions to evangelism went as they pleased. Consequently, the evangelists â€Å"†¦still struggled to claim the soul of the South†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Heyrman 23) In turn, it is evident that the masculinity in antebellum America saw to the men controllingRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Snake 944 Words   |  4 Pagesso-called masculinity and the regret that comes from his undignified reaction to an already retreating creature. In line 22 we get an allusion to â€Å"Sicilian July† which not only conveys the temperature in the air but also hints to Lawrence’s time spent in Sicily. This is also is partially the reason why the speaker believes the snake to be a threat, â€Å"On the day of Sicilian July, with Etna smoking/ The voice of my education said to me/ He must be killed/ For in Sicily the black, black snakes areRead MoreThe Classic ‘Lighting’ of the Era of the Film Noir654 Words   |  3 Pagesa really well thought out by Wilder as it emphasizes the movement of the film and realization for Norma. I do not know if this is important, but when Norma phones Betty, Norma has a white phone and Betty has black one. In the 50’s the rich had white phones and the less wealthy people had black phones. This clever use of phones emphasizes the message that was conveyed through the phone by Norma to Betty about money etc. The theme used in this film is carried on throughout well. Joe is a man of passionRead MoreGender, Race and Disney Princesses Essay examples1041 Words   |  5 Pagesapparent innocent messages about race and gender in these movies, can be exposed as otherwise. Despite their mask of progression, Disney princesses still have the potential to corrupt the minds of young children through sexism and racism. Since they are formally known as princess movies, people tend to focus more on the feminist issues and a blind-eye is directed towards the masculinity issues; nonetheless this does not confirm their absence, even in recent Disney films. In the first Disney PrincessRead MoreThe Relationship Between Gender Identities And Social Identities1442 Words   |  6 Pageswere being accepted more in society if they had a paying job. On the other hand, the above statements have not been seen to be happening in other intersects of society, there are many factors that are seen to affect the progression of gender equality. For example, women who are black and live a working-class life are seen to undergo greater inequalities than a women who is white and of a ruling-class background this may be because of the education they have received affecting their ability to get aRead MoreHarlem Renaissance Essay1048 Words   |  5 PagesMarcus Garvey, a powerful founder of the United Negro Improvement Asso ciation and a Black Nationalist, was an essential figure of the Harlem resurgence. His background and dedication prove his aspirations for an outburst of African American culture. He soon became part of a larger cultural and social movement, the Harlem Renaissance. Equally, Harlem embedded itself within racial rebirth and became the capital of black America, as the Urban League and the NAACP became founded in Harlem (Corey, Lecture)

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Statutory Rape And The Age Of Consent - 1734 Words

According to the California Law, statutory rape is having sexual relations with a â€Å"child† or â€Å"minor† anyone who is below the age of consent. Committing this crime can result in imprisonment and cause the defendant to be charged with a felony even if they weren t previously aware of the age of the victim at the time in which the act was done. When a statutory rape case is being evaluated, the victim must be under the age of 18 or under the age of consent and the one presenting the case must have proof that sexual intercourse occurred. The reason why this law was put into play was because in the eyes of the government it is believed that unless one is over the age of consent, they are physically and mentally incapable of giving consent to any sexual activities. Although the amendment states that all men are created equal, there is still an existing gender bias favoring women when it comes down to who commits the crime. Statutory Rape is a very foggy law when it comes to the specifics and the crime can still be committed even if both people engaging in sexual acts are below the age of consent as well. â€Å"Statutory rape is a state sex crime that can be charged as a felony or misdemeanor offense and may be punishable by incarceration, fine, probation, and/or registry as a sex offender, depending on the state and circumstances of the incident† (Findlaw,1). 17-year old Alan Jepsen from Sheboygan, Wisconsin was at home playing videogames when the police barged in and handcuffed himShow MoreRelated Statutory Rape Essay example1092 Words   |  5 Pages Statutory Rape Laws The term â€Å"statutory rape† is used when the government considers people under a certain age to be unable to give consent to sex and therefore consider sexual contact with them to be a rape. The age at which individuals are considered to give consent is called the age of consent. The age of consent can ranging from thirteen to twenty-one, depending on the limits set by each state in accordance with local standards of morality. Even sex that violates the age-of-consent laws butRead MoreThe Age Of Consent1647 Words   |  7 Pagesthe way girls are increasingly sexualized at younger ages in popular culture. However, this situation would be fine if the two love birds lived in Hawaii, where the age of consent is fourteen. Is it fair that depending on the state we reside in, determines who we date? Also, is it right that an eighteen-year-old is wrong for having a sexual relationship with a girl who is only one year younger than him, but may not be of the age of legal consent? Then is it okay for a seventeen-year-old to have intercourseRead MoreHow Old Is 15?1656 Words   |  7 PagesHow old is 15? At the age of 15 you can work, begin to drive, and if you were to get in trouble with the law, you can even be tried as an adult. With that being said, one would say that at the age of 15 you have a mature mindset. Shouldn’t a person who is able to do all of these things be allowed to love whom they please? Suppose you have a 15-year-old child and he or she wants to date someone older, much older, how would you feel? Most parents would feel disapproval of their child s actionsRead MoreThe Problems with Statutory Rape Essay examples1006 Words   |  5 Pagesthe laws surrounding statutory rape. Although the laws are in place to help people, many people see them as unfair and they believe that there are changes that could be made to help improve these laws. A major problem with statutory rape laws is that each state has a different law. To help improve statutory rape laws, all states should work together to have a set of country-wide laws, so that the states all have the same laws. With a few minor improvements, the statutory rape laws would be problemRead MoreYoung Girls in Puberty Are Not Women Essay1213 Words   |  5 PagesMost teenage girls cherish the moments when they start to reach the age of puberty. Reaching the age of puberty means a lot for them: they are now consider a woman; which is, where their bodies are now able to reproduce. Reaching Puberty not only signifies maturity or being able to reproduce but also, signifies a major hormonal change that may possible lead to sexual maturation. In addition, puberty also accompanied with major physical growth and development of the brain; which is still diminutiveRead MoreLegal Age Of Sexual Consent1569 Words   |  7 Pages Legal Age of Sexual Consent Taylor Obert PSY 200B March 16, 2017 Introduction Age of sexual consent refers to the age when an individual can consent to sexual activity. Sexual activities are defined differently by countries, with there even being a difference between the United States and Canada who share a border. The ages of consent also vary among countries and also by individual state in the United States. Engaging in sexually activities with individuals that are not the legalRead MoreStatutory Rape : A Legal Matter2047 Words   |  9 PagesStatutory rape is a legal matter in which an individual has sexual intercourse with a minor. Although the statutory rape law is to protect any individual from being sexually abused by an older individual sexual assault is mainly geared towards protecting women. Even though having sex with a minor is illegal it is possible in some states to have sex with a minor with valid consent. If an individual is caught having sexual intercourse with a minor the penalties may result in serving time in a stateRead MoreThe Legal Ages Of Consent By States Legislations1639 Words   |  7 PagesDue to differences of opinion on legal ages of consent by states legislations, there is an issue concerning the basis of equality established in every case involving statutory rape laws across the United States. Since the welfare reformation of 1996, teen pregnancy was targeted as a large contribution to the issue of having many welfare recipients. Officials agreed upon the enforcement of stricter statutory rape laws with the intent to potentially frighten older men from having relations with youngerRead MoreDefinition Of Criminal Behavior And Law1462 Words   |  6 Pagesto criminalize behavior that otherwise outcome in definite terror attacks. The second article of discussion is â€Å"On Statutory Rape, Strict Liability, and the Public Welfare Offense Model†. State statutory rape laws on disputes of age, gender, and possible grouping and punishment, the dispute on whether to involve a criminal mens rea or include strict liability continues. Statutory rape as a strict liability crime simply functions because culpability in which a foundation of punishment which has beenRead MorePevelance and Effects of Rape1064 Words   |  4 PagesThe Prevalence and Effects of Rape The prevalence of rape is a major social problem that plagues America and other countries around the world daily. Victims of rape are psychologically, and sometimes physically damaged from being sexually assaulted. Although it would seem that it is a sexually motivated crime, rape â€Å"is actually an act of violence in which sex is used as a weapon against a powerless victim† (Kendall 197). Neither rapists, nor rape victims are concentrated to one specific class or

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What is academic honesty and why is it so important free essay sample

As the regents of the University of California mentioned academic snootiest stunts the development of important skills such as reading, writing, research, analysis, synthesis, and comprehension (The Regents of the University Of California, 2006). In other words, being dishonest in education wont help people develop their knowledge, but to the contrary, ITIL make them less capable of using and handling these important skills. Cheating, plagiarisms, fabrication, providing false information are some of the many examples of academic dishonesty that the US Davis names on their web page about Integrity.A common mistake often made by many students is plagiarism. Plagiarism is often observed in students works, which is considered to be very academically dishonest. But this is usually a matter of students unawareness. Nowadays, fewer people are familiar with the terms and conditions of academic honesty which is very disappointing. It is important to understand that academic honesty is essential in education. We will write a custom essay sample on What is academic honesty and why is it so important or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It helps people progress in their path of knowledge as honesty is the main key to success. Every single person has his own point of view, his own unique perspective.It is almost impossible for people to have exactly the same thoughts and ideas. So using someone elses ideas without giving credit to the original author is first of all very disrespectful and second of all unfair towards the author. It is also disrespectful towards the educational facility that the person IS studying in. The school or university relies on their students to raise their status in the education sphere. Being academically dishonest would mean letting down your educational center, your teachers and most importantly yourself.

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Rosewood Marketing Case Study Essay Example

Rosewood Marketing Case Study Paper Uniting individual properties under one strong corporate Rosewood brand is more value generating path. It opens Rosewood hotels to larger and more profitable customer segment. Projected additional annual marketing budget will be repaid within 1 year. Understanding a Rosewood Customer Customers in Hotel industry can be broadly classified as high purchasing power luxury seeking, mid spending high service quality seeking and low spending quality independent customers. Historically Rosewood has served very specific high end customers. Rosewood identified its customers as higher purchasing power individuals with rich tastes. Rosewood’s current customers prefer luxury customized service which enables them to experience the culture of local heritage. These customers are very sophisticated who value the exclusive feel of the individual properties. These customers are loyal to individual property and thus some of Rosewood’s properties see high end of scale return ratio (40%). Current customers of Rosewood brand across different properties are of superior taste. Table 1 outlines Rosewood’s current customer base value expectation and Rosewood’s proposed value under corporate branding. Rosewood’s current customers do not associate themselves with the Rosewood brand but with individual property brand. This customer segment spends a superior amount in comparison with the industry average in luxury corporate brand hotel market and expects a higher return in terms of functional and psychological values. We will write a custom essay sample on Rosewood Marketing Case Study specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Rosewood Marketing Case Study specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Rosewood Marketing Case Study specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer They take pride in being a loyal customer to the individual property and functionally value the local customization of the properties. The individual properties in Rosewood’s portfolio has highly adapted to local culture. From the welcome greeting to menu card, every element in the hotel provides the customers a sense of place they are visiting. Rosewood brand is very small in these properties and the customers are indifferent to it. They value the experience they get out of these individual properties more than the value they get from their association with a corporate brand. There are significant differences outlined in table 1 between the value expectation by current customers and value envisioned by Rosewood. It is evident that if Rosewood takes the path of corporate branding and unites all its individual properties under one name, its target customer base will change. Taking the corporate branding route, Rosewood will be exposed to a larger customer base with different value expectations. With corporate branding strategy Rosewood runs a risk of turning away some of their loyal guests at properties that a brand in themselves. On the other hand, they will attract a larger customer segment that values brand loyalty and seeks physiological values from the brand experience. Rosewood target customer under the corporate brand strategy will highly value consistent service at any Rosewood property they visit. These customers, although need consistent service, value sense of place experience that individual Rosewood properties have to offer. They will be similar to loyal customers of other exotic brands that offer consistent experiences in different settings. These customers would want to attach their hotel stay purchase with a luxury brand name. By creating a unified brand, Rosewood is also providing the opportunity to its target customer to not look for alternatives at locations where other Rosewood properties exists. This can prove to be highly beneficial economically for both customers and travel agents. Market Assessment (Competition) Rosewood is a collection of highly sophisticated rich experience properties. Its customers value the luxurious sense of local culture it provides in an exotic setting. These properties are highly customized based on local culture and compared to its large corporate like chain hotels, Rosewood hotels provide an authentic experience of the location. Although these locations adapted experiences are similar in nature to value provided by small individual hotels, Rosewood hotels have the means that are available to corporate brands and they utilized those means to enrich their guest’s experiences. Major advantage that Rosewood has over small individual hotels is their large customer database which automatically gathers data through its central reservation system. Through availability of this extensive database Rosewood can create specific guest preference profiles and adapt their services across whole of Rosewood brand. With a consolidated corporate brand Rosewood will enter a new market with very strong advantages of adaptability to local culture with the information and economic resources of a corporate luxury brand. Rose will make both individual and corporate hotel market more competitive with their experience in providing customized services to a larger customer base with higher than present cross property usage. Impact on the Bottom Line (Company) Rosewood’s hotel managers take pride in their own individuality. For them their hotel’s brand has more value than the Rosewood brand itself. Some of the managers feel the threat of loss of autonomy in their workspace. To bring a cultural shift in any business is a big change and such apprehensions are not uncommon. Past the initial threshold, a consolidated brand will a sense of common goal and unity among the management at different sites. The information sharing that a corporate brand culture brings will benefit all the individual hotels. Major chunk of cost projected is the $1 Million per year marketing cost, however there are other costs to be considered too. Rosewood would have to standardize its utilities and services and doing so comes at a cost. Training of staff and managers for adherence to brand standards will take time, cost and effort. Some undesirable costs in terms to letting go of change averse employees and hiring more forward seeking employees should be expected too. Financial Considerations There are two routes that Rosewood hotels can take. First is to stick with being a low key brand and promote their individual properties instead. Other is to come out in the corporate market with a unified luxury corporate brand. Aside from different functional and physiological values that both options present financial implication of both options should be considered too. Assuming that the customers we will lose while adopting the corporate branding path will be offset by the new customers acquired, the number of customers has been kept constant at 115,000. Base year is considered as year 2003. % yearly growth in ADR and 3% growth in annual marketing expenditure is assumed. Detailed calculated can be referred from table 3a and 3b. It is evident that average CLV with corporate branding customer segment ($378) is significantly higher than that of individual branding customer segment ($461). The marketing budget of $1 Million for 5 years will equal to $5 Million, which will be highly compensated by the gain of about $9 Million gain over these 5 years. In my recommendation, Rosewood can adopt the Corporate branding strategy and consolidate its individually unique properties into uniform service experiences. Recommendation: Rosewood hotels has a great potential in its unique properties. By consolidating these valuable hotels under one strong corporate brand, Rosewood will target a new customer base. This customer base is larger with greater potential for repeat stays and cross property usage. This larger customer base values consistency in service and association with strong brands. Being exposed to this market, Rosewood has a potential to increase its cross property usage from 5% to industry average of 10-15%. At the same time Rosewood has the opportunity to stay at the high end of customer return rate of 40% by providing them authentic sense of locale. This customer segment is catered by highly competitive market and in this market Rosewood can leverage its advantage of information and adaptability to make its mark. The case of Corporate branding is supported by financial implications too. The extra $1 million marketing budget that Rosewood has to spend every year will be repaid by more than $9 million within 5 years.