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Incipient Elements of Genre Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Incipient Elements of Genre - Essay Example These movies features a number of styles ranging from the most recent ones CGI monster and deranged humans to the most earliest ones nosferatus classic. (Dirks, 2006) In this particular movie "End of Day", it main theme was to show how the end of time was coming to an end at the start of the year 2000. A girl by the name Christine had been born and sucked blood from a cobra immediately after bath. There two groups, those who belonged to the church and those who did not belong to the church in other words, they were satanic. Immediately after Christine was, she brought up in private area so that when the end of times near, she would save the world. Christine was always seeing strange things at night and even during the day. She would always ask her foster mother why she was different from others. At one time, as she taking an apple, she saw some creatures which were not visible to Arnold. His foster father had been seen by the satanic individual to collect Christine and when she failed to bring her to him, she was struck and caught fire mysterious. As Arnold and his friend were believed to be protecting the girl, they had different opinion altogether. His friend pretend to be protecting the girl against being taken by the satanic people but this was not the case. Arnold was confronted by one of the anti Christ individual mysteriously in his house and wondered where she entered the house from because all the doors were closed. He urged that he was very different from the anti Christ person but the person insisted that they were very much alike. Arnold was already possessed by the satanic spirit unknowingly. While one is watching the movie, the worst fear is how the world would be like when the time clocks year 2000. There are a lot fear when the day counts and yet the fate of the world was not known whether it was to be saved by the Godly people or the Satanic people. At one time, Christine was in the Church where she believed she had been taken by Arnold at very safe place only to recognize an anti Christ person among those in the church and she screamed. (Dirks, 2006) As Arnold was running away with Christine in a train, he though he had killed the anti Christ only to reappear again form nowhere. He was again knocked down by the train and as Arnold went behind to check on him, he had disappeared mysteriously. Some incipient elements of genre can also be seen when all the chairs in the church mysteriously by force that was not visible and wind blew breaking all the windows in the church. (Dirks, 2006) Toward the end the movie, Arnold save Christine from the anti Christ while at the same time he was happy to be left alone with her so that she could fulfill his promise of killing her. At that time some strange thing happened and Arnold threw himself to a sword killing him. The most shocking finale is whether this how the end of days will be in really life experience with such confusion for one can not really identify those who are good and those who are in the anti Christ. (Dirks, 2006) Reference Dirks, T (2006): Film Genre, Retrieved from On 16th May 2006.

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