Friday, November 1, 2019

Explanation Graphic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Explanation Graphic - Essay Example he current method of registering students, the new system will be able to register students in the appropriate class and provide access on the start date of the course. This will be much easier than the current process, as a sales person register a student, and the IT person has to configure a lab machine for the students use. The registration will save administrative work, and provide a lower production cost while providing better quality. The system will provide a friendlier login process for the students. With the new system, integration will occur through the student portal, making it easier for the student to connect to a virtual lab machine, without having to use additional logon information throughout the duration of the course (Rijlaarsdam et al 9). Students will also find it easier to register for future courses and also see and previous courses they have attended. The lab machine will be automatically available on the start date of the course, and can undergo automatic extension for an additional 30 days access with a simple click of a button. Students now can convert into other classes efficiently, unlike the current method. The communication plan helps in setting up standards for communication. The project leader would need to establish the standards within which the communication will occur. The stakeholders would also need to be aware of the course of the communication with the indication of how and when it will take place. The communication plan enables the project leader to set the scope for all the communications that are relevant to the project. The communication plan is also significant for scheduling various projects, within a period, thereby making the stakeholders to be aware of the progress. According to Schriver’s model, the graphic is efficient in proper management of time since it offers the option of a search engine (Rijlaarsdam et al 9). Time saving is important in any project management especially when there is need to achieve a

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