Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Race Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Race - Essay Example The physical features of race are the first differentiating factor any race. The mixing of races blurs this difference. The melding of the Angles and Saxons many centuries ago to make up the Anglo-Saxons makes for clear understanding of this. The Anglo-Saxons can be said to be made up of any distinct set of physical features, as there is varied nature of the physical features among the Anglo-Saxons. Yet genetically they are the same, even though physically there are many differences. Steve Olson uses Hawaii as the example of mixing of races to portend the future of a race of human race devoid of ethnicity, because of the mixing of different races that have occurred in the country. It is this very mixing of races that gives us insight into the retention of ethnic divides, when biology has ceased to be of relevance. Hawaii is a mix of people that can trace their roots to Japan, China, New England, Portugal, the Philippines and the native Polynesians. Social class in the land is based o n this tracing of ancestral ties. Those with ancestral ties to Japan, China, and New England occupy the higher classes of society, while those with ancestral ties to the Philippines and Portugal occupy the next bracket of social class. The native Polynesians find themselves right at the bottom of the social class system, which is reflected in their resolve for an independent nation, much like the aspirations of the Native American Indians. This ethnical divide persists even though there has been much biological mixing through interracial marriages. This experience of Hawaii provides support for the argument that with mixing of races, new sets of races are created socially that do not have biological relevance and lead to the persistence of racial divides of society. Olson provides a clear example of the fading of the biological basis of racial divide on Hawaii through the example of a man with ancestors, whose roots

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