Thursday, August 8, 2019

Discouse the way in which recent work in the area related to Essay

Discouse the way in which recent work in the area related to organisational theory have challenged or contributed to conventional understandings of the subject - Essay Example Similarly, Donaldson (1995) supported the general connotation that organizations are established and preserves in order to achieve specific intentions. This goal-oriented or active perspective regarding organization indicates that organizations are meeting places of individual efforts that are more or less synchronized to accomplish objectives that could not be otherwise achieved through solitary action. Nevertheless, aligning the notion of organization with the framework of goal pursuit is to some extent problematic, and there is a large collection of literature that deals with the model of an organizational goal and whether or not the construct carries great weight. For instance, several organizations have within them members or employees who either is not aware with the organization’s mission statement or if they have substantial knowledge of it, they do not essentially support it. An actual example is the goal of most publicly managed corporations in several developed nations which is profit maximization or the capitalization of shareholder value; this corporate objective is in stark contrast with the concerns of the many employees who are more focused on their job security and their comparative influence or prestige than they are about revenues. One instance is a contract manufacturer or employee who is not familiar with the components of corporate accounting and consume s more labour hours because of the common belief that the more hours of work the more income they will earn. However, the target of maximizing overtime was not an organizationally endorsed or even acknowledged goal. Furthermore, the objective of maximizing shareholder value does not produce much dedication or motivation among most organizational contributors (Pfeffer, 1997). On the other hand, Pfeffer and Salancik emphasized that â€Å"organizations are... a process of organizing support

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