Thursday, August 29, 2019

CIS204 U4 Discussion Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

CIS204 U4 Discussion - Coursework Example The connection created in the WAN is however private and secured, and cannot be accessed by the public. VPNs are good at establishing business connections between two sites using the IPsec or the Internet Protocol Security (IPS). The reason as to why this technology has been recommended to the company is the security in information flow. The technology is also good for connecting man sites, which can be helpful for customer care services. The numerous rooms in the hotel premise can all be connected to the customer care. Advantages of this type of technology is the cost associated with establishing it (Thrivenetworks 2015). Companies can establish the network at a cheaper price than in any other technologies used. The network is also highly protected from access by unauthorized people. This security ensures more secure communication by the people in it. For growing companies, this technology proves to be the most ideal as it does not need addition of other components so as to accommodate new users (Thrivenetworks 2015). Disadvantages of this technology are the complexity involved when there is addition of new infrastructure, and the security issues involved when using a mobile device to establish connection (Thrivenetworks 2015). WAN establishes a computer connection between two points. Several technologies can be used to establish connections between sites. VPN connection proves to be the best for business organizations due to the low cost and high level of security. For the business organizations, the best option for wireless solution would be a Cisco Network. The network could be configured to have a central switch board for easy control. This system would also be highly compatible with the VPN technology

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