Friday, July 26, 2019

Product launch Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Product launch - Essay Example Research on the market of this product had been underway for years and it was proven that the people of Canada were more than willing to install this radiant heating process in their homes so this will be a huge success due to the availability of a ready market. Twenty slides and video presentations were made to inform the prospective customers on how to use and install and maintain this system. The product manager also ensured of teamwork within the different departments of the company providing this service. This has contributed to the great success of this product in the market. With several trials of this product in the market, it was evaluated and the best model developed. The competition from competitors is low as the Can-A-Floor has been embraced by the people due to the massive campaigns and advertisement. The prices are also customer friendly making it affordable to almost if not all citizens. Highly trained sales and support people have been deployed into the market for customer assistance. The installation personnel is also highly skilled ensuring that customer satisfaction is achieved. It is a high time that people kicked cold floors out of their lives by using

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