Thursday, July 18, 2019

I Want to be an Art Teacher :: Teaching Educacion Admissions

I Want to be an Art Teacher Have you ever been to a point in your life where there were to many decisions and not enough time? This is what happened to me in my senior year of high school. Throughout my teen years, I never discussed college with my family or did they with me. College for some reason was not on my agenda. Then I realized that I wanted to go to further my education. The reason I chose to go to college was that I am an artist, and felt that I needed to learn more about art techniques. I didn’t want to loose my talent, and I realized how much I enjoyed being in class. I had the privilege of being a student of some wonderful teachers at the high school I attended, and they influenced my decision to becoming an art teacher. Teaching is a challenging profession, but also very rewarding. I had the opportunity to do an art project with local kids of Monroe County over the summer. That experience helped me a great deal to see a glimpse of my future. During the four-week program the kids worked and learned about all forms of art. The teaching experience gave me pleasure on departing some knowledge and interest to the children that were there. That feeling of accomplishment for myself and seeing it in the faces of the children encourages me to proceed in my goals on becoming an art teacher. My goals as a teacher will be managing my classroom in an eclectic way of combining philosophies. Differing seating arrangements in art classes are limited, therefore are materials need to be shared among the students. In my class, there will be at least four chairs to each table so that material can be dispersed equally. On the bulletin boards I will display work of past and present students to show their accomplishments in my class. The materials needed is wide range, they include paints, color pencils, drawing pencils, markers, differing sizes of paper, scissors, and much more. Projects will be fun and pertaining to the Arts.

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