Saturday, June 15, 2019

Write a response to the article Modern Stone Age Humans incorporating Essay - 1

Write a response to the article Modern jewel Age Humans incorporating one quotation from artcile - Essay ExampleOf all the contrastive sorts of theories that I have read explaining the possible reasons or meanings of these paintings, one that I find the most interesting and believable is boot-camp training prior to full-fledged military service and training camp prior to sports season. I weigh that these paintings might be used by trained and experienced hunters to train the children and young and inexperienced hunters. Many of these paintings show the different sorts of livestock and cattle with spears. I particularly think so because there is a painting of a black deer that is being targeted and shot at by three hunters from different positions.Another significance of these paintings could be material for teaching. It is mentioned in the reading that some of the animals in the cave murals are pregnant, and some are copulating As some of these paintings likewise show the animals procreating, the paintings might be used as images for teaching how different species

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