Friday, June 21, 2019

PepsiCo Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

PepsiCo - Case Study ExampleAmidst these discussions, the paper will aim at answer several questions related to the companys pick during global economic slowdown, its balance food portfolio, workplace culture and diversity and commitment of company towards environmental sustainability.It was ascertained that PepsiCo is the largest manufacturer and distributor of food and crapulence in the United States and from its traditional business of soft drinks, the company has adopted a multi segment approach over the years. The present offerings of the company can be segmented in terms of variety of snacks, sports drink, juice, bottled water and cereals. The soft drink segment of the company includes Starbucks ready-to-drink beverages, Mountain dew, Sierra Mist, Sobe, Pepsi-Cola, 7UP, diet Pepsi and Lipton iced tea. The juice segment of PepsiCo comprises brands such as Naked Juice and Tropicana. The snack segment of the company includes brands such as Lays, Cheetos and Tostitos (PepsiCo, 2 014a).The complete set of global brands of PepsiCo can be classified in three categories, namely, fun-for-you, good-for-you and better-for-you brands. Fun-for-you brands include basic savory products such as chips and cold drinks. Good-for-you brands are focused on delivering healthy choices that include vegetables, dairy products and fruits. Lastly, Better-for-you brands offer mostly low calorie food products that have low sugar and fat content (YouTube, 2011a PepsiCo, 2014a 2014b).PepsiCo is a global company and it can be naturally take for granted that the company is susceptible to various social, economic and geo-political issues. Social factors comprise lifestyle and cultural aspects of consumers. PepsiCo is well-aware of its consumers preference which is significantly influenced by their lifestyle. Consequently, PepsiCo classified its products in three rum

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