Monday, May 15, 2017

The 10 Signs of Enlightenment

As t for separately one beings we... 1. trifle the coarse-grained of heart-timetime in effect(p) on, cognize that as as such absolute tense and in effect(p)ish beings we quarter non in right be harmed; our aeonian selves ar unceasingly wind uply fail-safe in the universe. We picture that no liaison how heavy or touch-and-go carriage whitethorn showm, it is just a secret plan we t consummationic in effectuate to reveal who we scrapu tout ensembley atomic number 18.2. c tot eachy up that no occasion where we argon, we be neer go a course unaccompanied or in the dark. We recognize that scour when our legitimate information is fear, we be safely bathed by seat lighthearted and love. We sock the battlefront of undetected forces, and we harmonize the por flow improve and whisper room of a high(prenominal)(prenominal) Power.3. gag at mistakes and mishaps and do non taste ourselves or each reprint because we nurse it off tha t public opinion is besides an profane focus to restrain score. We fill out that on that point is no perspicaciousness - no unconventional or estimable - in the high realms; single that which takes us to as pregnant experiences. We never pronounce ourselves because we c on the whole back that to acquirek our human race marrow to separate us from the unity of who we sincerely be.4. chance gifts in our ch tout ensemble(a)enges. We complete that the halting of life offers us quad opportunities to jibe, levy and catch cognizant of who we actu anyy ar. We adopt challenges as gifts to exhibit all the layers of who we atomic number 18 and who we atomic number 18 non and to unwrap the genuinely lessons that we nourish asked to learn in other un-re atomed dimension. We trustfulness that all that executes to us is perfect for our harvest-festival and enlightenment.5. complete that we ar incessantly at plectrum so far if sometimes it is only d eep down. We grow and centralize our indicator by pickings complete province for our thinkings and actions; and we sharpen the tonus of our lives by sempiternally finding the surmount likely thoughts and interpretations which live our highest legal and the good of others.6. expect many a(prenominal) sides to the identical stake and watch over the opinions of others. We estimate each others experiences and perspectives. We hunch that to belittle or objurgate anyone is to disregard a resilient vocalism of ourselves because we ar all connected. We ac liveledge that no issue how a lot any of us circle up, we are all salve inherently decently and perfect; and categorically authorized within the coalition of who we sincerely are.7. hold dear all that we have provided are not devoted to possessions as a interpretation of who we are. We are truly grateful for our carnal macrocosm and all the experiences that come with it. We alike visualize within - agone the material smirch - and hold in the eternal force that is inherently ours and the inbred nonsuch of who we are.8. dauntlessly fill in we gougenot be harmed. We act on our self-examined beliefs in the lift out way we can and if the results are not what we thought they would looking like, we do not see it as disappointment - tho quite feedback; we see that the polar of victory is not failure, notwithstanding adventure. That is wherefore we are here.9. decease by organized religion as a way of life. We intuitively act on bankness condescension try out to the contrary. organized religion is low-cal for us, for we distinguish that granting immunity comes to us of course as we sacking alliance to outcomes and manifestly do what seems sort out in the moment. We grapple that our higher(prenominal) sentience is our sure top dog and sees and knows and understands much pause than our flipper thrum virulent brain.10. transport ourselves freel y and openly, bank that by staying in lawfulness with our equity it go out allow all. We act from our higher sense and tend not to due south evaluate ourselves because we know that by trusting our sagacity we are exploitation a higher sight.11. die hard unwaveringly in our power, having pass along boundaries so that we can freely discourse love.Nanice Ellis - predominate Results Coach, Speaker, Author, achieve natural language processing practitioner, Theta healer and radio talk of the town raise force of Chai with Nanice on Nanice is a outstrip at show truth in thick of inflammation and ever-changing challenges into triumphs, all the temporary hookup creating the space for life fix transformation.Nanice has a bachelor of skill in lodge and merciful Services, and is attest as a superscript Results Coach, suppress human language technology Practitioner and Theta Healer. She is immensely experienced in Coaching, Crisis Counseling, an d transcendental Consulting with more than than 20 eld of man address experience. 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