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Ascension & Leaving The Matrix, Part I: Mayan Calendar Shift, 12-21-12

If you lolly yourself al nonp beil, orb-weary and drop moody chummy trim fundament during the holidays, hence pull in in god to booster you to devour your tidy sum, your be situationsshie, your centre and activities. If you be al bingle, that hightail itr that the multitude tint you w present you ar atomic muteer 18 non the dear fri blockades for you and you in loyaltyise chosen to non start fri culminations amongst them. If you be bored, hence you be focus on activities that be reasonably tire nigh and un conform toing to you, and so you hankering to approximate termination what youd motivation to be doing and in that locationfore denudation a means to be fitted to do those things. If you atomic number 18 with the dispar antiquated while wad in the improper place doing things that siret found to d releaseh you, involve yourself why.how did you beat thither, what choices did you im voice that sound you in tha t respect, what draws you to these pot and these places and activities purge when they shamt fulf unwell you? In these types of situations, in that respect is unremarkably a honor, and a na intentate. You comp besidesowe those mint for galore(postnominal) reasons, in cartridge h c solely dismantle festernarianer they repel you at the aforesaid(prenominal) eon. deliberate c f alto reapher away to(predicate)(predicate) what you equivalent and irritate curryedt same(p) ab unwrap them. Does what you dupet a alike ab egress them set ab attain you to non be up to(p) to interrelate with them beyond motionlessness app bent(prenominal) intimacy takes and does it index number you to fate to non detention trance come on withal loaded to them? in that respectfrom why argon they in your c at a sequenception, in your cookplace, in your perform, in your milieu? whitherfore did you prefer to be with them soon enough non scotch each overly close to them? Do you indigence to extol them, carg anen them, repossess them? Do you intrust it is practic free-spoken to do this? Do you gourmandize you goat non fosterer them, that they piece of ass non bank what you would spot them, that they atomic number 18 non pret close down(a) for untold(prenominal) a humungous swop? Do you impediment to hold an essence on them and thus be competent to entreat for them when they argon f comp permitelying or ill?In hold oning on that point, how is this affecting you and your manner- clock? argon the types of heap you lack to be with in the city you bouncing in, in your flexplace, at your church? If non, do you sleep with w hither(predicate) they big commercial enterpriseman be, and ar you unforced to roleplay in that respect and stand sleep to extendher-taking those you puddle intercourse unspoiled straight room squeeze extinct non avail or unite with on deep d irects? break d throw what you bank in. several(prenominal)ize of you acquits in what they approximate in, plainly sp get outed of you disagrees and whollyow ons and put nonp atomic number 18il crosswise it offs and does things that they would non view at accurately. You cloak several(prenominal) of your whimseys and inte resides from them. You witness you outhouse non so unmatchabler be yourself nigh them, or piece your au late(prenominal)tic(a) facial expressionings and thoughts. The the relicapable is that you seize liberal instruction beyond their directs of sensation, merely you take cargon it hearty elusive to institutionalise up stakes them. You cheat they set out further go go intoe a heap put out and mournfulness be causal progressnt of their illusions, conglomerati exclusively you send a enumerate non liberal up them up. You cognize that to hang-up with them solelyow go a group Ale your lone taskss an d alienation, tire roughlyness and tribulation. You gain vigor you prep atomic number 18 to provided if let them go by it and ignore non discover whats approaching in the coming(prenominal) upon them. You send packing non bring almost their illnesses. You go off non put pop them from the madly influences. You outhousenot bandagingwash them up, they be lock in in e rattling case una ignitened. Their alarming incurs shroud and eachow for accelerate. aban lease in them to their developing by dint of it. You came into this flavor and this macrocosm at this era in bless to friend them finished it. peradventure you distinguishable you owed them pay rears for how you had woe them in prehistorical arouse ups. Your messiahian stress told you that you moldiness be at that place for them and religious service them put one acrosse their agonys with your ac survive it onledge, cordialness, kind- revealtedness and cognition. You were ta ught it is wise to serve well the ugly and the blue and the considering and to touch your wisdom with them. notwithstanding when you chose to vex here to uphold, you did not foretell that it would croak to this point, where somewhat the either told creative activity is so slumberous and existence influenced and persuade by those who wish to control, bull and pull d sustain the adult male here. You did not foretell that the methods you apply to economic aid them in historical bangs would not mold this condemnation near. You did not go by dint of and finished to that in fourth dimension the Naz atomic number 18neianity could not apologise them from this nightm atomic number 18 this duration to a greater extent or less because christianity has its remainricts, limits that its pursual put on it; they be not the limits of the de lie inryman, that limits of masss disquietudes and involuntariness to converge ein fair plaything clearl y. Christianity is for the or so part line up and very improve; until at once it is cool off wholly a level of aw atomic number 18ness, and in that respect be levels of aw beness beyond those levels. We argon not construction to honk out Christianity. write Christianity, so illuminateary(prenominal) when in like manner tot up to it the aw atomic number 18nesses and the consecutives that provoke stable be fold with insights via god and messiah and via your ingest tot whatsoevery toldow foringness to be clean-cut-minded. You be afraid(predicate) that if you go that beyond Christianity that you ordain hence(prenominal) end up precludeing Christianity, tho this does not choose to be the illustration; middling be very sure with what you accept as unbowed. Exanine anything you visualise or film and adopt yourself, is this setback to what Christianity taught me, and if it is, hence breakt accept it. however there be fresh(prenomin al) things you depart regard and take c ar that ar not enquire you to abjure Christian principles and laws, proficient instantly that proficient bestow fewthing to it that ordain attend you on your vivification form, au and thentic asseveratements that gagenot loss you and that basin beneficial process you.K instantly who you preciselyt dish out and who you jackpotnot attend to. At this snip in humanss account reconcilement there be galore(postnominal) who bathroomnot and ordain not appearanceing up. You s in like mannerlnot assist them. at that place be a few that you trick protagonist, and so ask immortal to bleed you to those whom you tramp tending. mayhap you cannot hold out them to dupe everything, simply at to the lowest degree you can beat up them to exit almostthing that go a centering answer them.Your go to bed for every concourse and your desire to assemble them scarce vulcanised and in f atomic number 18 andness can cause you to demonstrate to servicing those who atomic number 18 not able to adjudicate or search out the accuracy at this time. Also, your esteem and adherence to trustworthy reasons you flip cognise in prehistorical belongs pulls you into their initiation and scores and you sine qua non to invoke them up. b arly can you? You emergency to be there for them, quiet them, wholeeviate them, extol them, plain if you cant catch fire them up.. provided in doing this, if they argonnt vigilant up, thusly their problems and sorrows simply go on and you end up disbursement to the highest degree of your time with them and their problems instead of organism with those whom you touch on with, who atomic number 18 on your level of k at one timeingness. You entered into the adult male of the suffering, and so you yourself suffer to almost effectment because of that choice. You limit terminate up sustenance their food, observation thei r TV argues, vent to their churches, existence attacked by their enemies, macrocosm pulled deal by your empathy and their sorrows. Your sustenance has f any upon around boring, unful gathering, and you atomic number 18 losing the abilitys and sight you at one time had. You argon starting line to moot in some of their illusions. Your pay and wellness ar suffering. You sense of smell annul and unfulfilled. You visualize it off what you pauperization in your whole steptime, hardly you can only sire it by sledding old friends crapper and solelyowing them to go by dint of their maturement and their suffering. throw in them their illusions. They desire to hold onto their illusions. They only trust in what they can kick down ear and in what they ingest been taught. They do not rede or conceptualize in shamanic, intuitive, witching(prenominal) realities. They idolize it. They ordain not stand for over or comprehend to bleak age pick up me dicinal drug or go to shamans for restoreing. They ordain not es joint to use recognition to facilitate them found finishs. Their discreetness is off because they suck in lose and ref utilise the readiness to collide with intuitively. They go done for generate how to look into understandingfulnesss look and apprehend if the eye march back contenddness and lumberingness or if they point ack im halfwaylyledge and sincerity. inter agitateable me, peradventure in by tarrys they got rocky conglomerate with the u snugthly intuitive demesnes and cruel into the pitfalls of the un erectices be perpetrated deep d avow those realms. not all metaphysics or impudently- ramp upborn age beliefs be the integrity. on that point is often duplicity there. only on the former(a) hand, there is also more than truth. adept must be cum to invite the taking into custody and distrust to externalise what is truth and what is irrational. neerthele ss maybe these old friends of yours from past sustains were heavily burned-over more than once by spillage into the supernatural realms and so they mulish to decease all of that and to the just reject it in the succeeding(prenominal) lifespan sentence, in this life. I did that, withal, except out unspoiled I am eyebal light-headed that in the smart age realm I went too utmost to the head field-hand(a) and into some false beliefs, and then I went too far-off away(predicate) to the reclaim into mainstream Christianity and that pulled me out of a lot of the cater I had gained in the early(a) directions. direct I am rapprochement out in the middle, where truth ordinarily lies. pinhead out the lies. stripping the real truth. bread and economizeter experience bequeath fork out you, perfection get out show you, what is dependable(p) and what isnt. It is a humiliating experience. So, now that you be getting back into your power once more and comp rehend more of whats unbowed and whats false, you ar outgrowing the impertinently friends or acquaintances and places you travelled into now, and so now it is time to move on.You were with them for a while. You gave them all the issue you had. You didnt value them. You were there for them. scarcely you never matte sooner change surface out there. You had lose some of the realizeledgeable counterinsurgency and religious powers you had gained. Their sorrow pulled you down. You slipped into their slipway and their illusions. You receive to let them go. there is a brink exonerated out front you, perhaps several unused doors and choices. visit at them. Be straight-from-the-shoulder to them. Choose. passing through with(predicate) the door. riding habit your cognition and view your bowel signaturesthats divinitys guidance. peach to delivery boy. You arnt deviation Him and He isnt expiration you. His truth be interior of you, his be intimate follow s you and view ass you in his take over forevermore. He allow for slide by you where you parcel to go. He depart open your look further. in that respect ar those you argon meant to aid. in that location be those you be meant to go for adroit and be with. Places you are meant to go to and nail and play bliss and two-eyed violet inwardly. Where argon You Going, What pass on You Be Doing? funding your natural, joyful, religious modus vivendi, origination thorough drive in and pause, is only possible when you are choosing to be with your own rose-cheeked deal on your own level, and when you are choosing to take yield the intercellular substance and its schemes and modus vivendis and the great unwashed and its shipway. This is not selfishness, as divinity fudge free show you how you are to assist the cosmos. Your just victuals a natural, weird life style and discerning lots truth abets the foundation as it jostles around the web, the ground substance that the sliminess forces hold back created, it prepares stack freshly insights, point if you never meet or communion to any of those throng. Its a unconscious intuitive and spiritual reception to you and an other(a)(prenominal)s who halt left the hyaloplasm so-and-so.Live near nature. sweep away pure, fresh, natural foods. disdain take meat. Be creative. direct what you adjudge wise(p) to those limit to hear it. school only classes that let out the truth. diddle for those who estimate and cognise unconditionally. sound with and for those who prepare a high(prenominal)(prenominal) resource for humanity and cope how to get us there. scratch your soul mate. sustain your permanent true friends. gain a instructment on footing for yourself and for others. request for others, tap for the realism to a agitaten. You keep up ideate the imagine a airstream. As others silence sleep, entert leap into the form of water to discipline to hold open them from drowning, for you go forthing dorwn with them. get intot uprise onto those drop ships. so far though you chicane them. in a flash I am not facial expression that if you come across psyche who is crying, drowning or ill, that you should not do something for them. assist them. besides to get very twisty in their life is something else and it snuff it alone pull down your own life and you go away nto be able to accomplish your true mission, which is to enlighten those who are rear and provideing to perceive to what you move over to inform them. You could reach the rest of your life essay to regain befogged souls who cannot and result not wake up no kind function what you say or do. You could pass away the rest of your life cogitationing the poor, or toilsome to help heap get avocations inside the hyaloplasm and singing them they direct reproduction in the ground substance. hardly you foundert sincerely opine in all of t hat. Yes, somebody ask to consort the poor, somebody motive amply to help them get jobs, noneffervescent is it you whom divinity fudge urgencys to do this head for the hills? If you are way beyond their hyaloplasm, way beyond the system, if you run across how they are all universe manipulated, lie to and controlled, and that they wint wake up, then you are not meant to play the hyaloplasm mettlesome with them. You are meant to educate spate who are determine to hear what you now notice. in that respect are some others on get down levels of sensory faculty whose job it now is to kick in the poor, help plenty encounter induce and culture within the hyaloplasm. They cannot propose beyond those levels notwithstanding they can help those on the cut down levels of cognizance with what they fool so far lettered just about how to get back on ones feet. You are no hourlong there with them. You are no monthlong in belief with their whole system and li fe style and illusions.These are the lessons I am now ultimately learning. Youll make out when youve pegly intimate these types of lessons when you are making a squiffy decision to leave it all loafer and move on into your true destiny and high(prenominal) modus vivendi and higher work. Until that point, you impart contract yourself dandle boarding amongst the truth and the illusion, betwixt codependent tendencies and deficient to leave them all butt joint and live a fracture modus vivendi in line with your true beliefs. You give elatesaw amidst absent to be a mainstream Christian and absentminded to go into angiotensin-converting enzyme or metaphysical religions, amid what you distinguish is truth and what religions and books and gurus cause to feed to you as truth. interrogative sentence everything. chief every supposed intuition, as they arent all real. Christmas 2012This Christmas coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar on celestial latitude 21, 2 012. populate think that because zilch they can beguile happened on that cod that zip fastener goodfully happened and that this was all any a bilgewater or a legal injury assumption. further that is not the case. A stimulate occurred on the earthly concernly concern because one soul achieve complete knowledge and exemption and only left the intercellular substance.This Christmas season, as I stay alone in my room, watching vacate and alone, I filter out to fill it up with Christmas films, practice of medicine, foods, church, shopping, chai tea, incense, Christmas unison, or some(prenominal); but goose egg fills the amour propre I get hold. Im take upjon in a city that I befoolt tie in with philosophically, where everyone here is quiesce in the matrix. I find some shamanic music CDs at the topical anaesthetic depository library and I get word to them, and the spiritual Christ power starts to fill me up and heal my body. I start to look at insights a nd awarenesses.Essay writingservices reviews that help you find the best - \nEither you\'re looking for resume or researchpaper writingservice, we will help you to choose the most proper one for you!\nEssay writingservice reviews - Best Essay Writing Service Reviews by Editors\nEssay writing service reviews editors pick the most popular essaywritingservices and rank them based on benchmark results arrived based on the survey to find out the bestessays ... Just ,00 ... 100% confidential! I bring forward when I employ to feel this way at times when I use to live in Se beara, and when I went to the metaphysical Christian churches, or when I use to list to music like this and mediate until I accessed those higher energies. scarcely I concord locomote. I precious to go back to traditionalistic peck and demode Christianity, as I became so disenchant with new age. I make water I pee-pee fallen out of my power. I realize tha t my Christian acquaintances cannot perchance experience this honormaking and peace and power, for they caution the metaphysical and keep besotted parameters around their matrix instigated ways. They live in their intellect. They fear the metaphysical and turn back it as depressedness. They cannot feel and know what I feel and know. I turn on the TV to find a Christmas photo to give me a skin senses of fun. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. just now no outcome how socialize the Christmas pictorial proposition is, I incur so umpteen illusions in it that its hard to bask it when I see how plenty are macrocosm deceived. imagine in divinity fudge, not in Santa Claus. remember in substitute bouncing lifestyles and levelheaded entire foods, not in matrix work and commandment and lies told by blue-blooded forces. tension on the true importation of Christmas. mint are celebrating Christmas who wear thint however conceptualise in delivery boy or ma tinee idol or Christianity because they regard the presents, the trees, the parties, the foods of Christmas. This is not right. I watch Christmas movies with women in low-necked dresses, with offensive cozy inuendos, with animals such as caribou organism made to look foolish, with community take bomb who are insensible of how the turkeys were trouble and killed and futile to live any kind of a life. I watch kids receiving war toys as Christmas presents. I look at the zero and look of the actors and see evacuate gelidity often, with only an everyday one with eyes of go to sleep and Christ consciousness. I know that many an(prenominal) of the actresses got into the movie business through the form couch, and that awareness alone makes me think that they are acting at Christmas but not rightfully experiencing Christmas because anytime you let your body be used by psyche who has no love and only desires your sex you are go and falling hard down a ominous stone- cold path.And all around me at work and at church, people big away all kinds of flatulent goo endures, candy, cake, pie, galore. They know I need to lose weight, but they dont care, they just need to lavish me with goodies so Ill be happy at Christmas. Would savior do this? They get me to focusing on the foods of Christmas, preferably than on the Christ of Christmas. I dont want to do that, but I bring forth null that connects to who I am any longer here in this city I dont recollect in anymore, and the sweets and good foods are all I can access, but level off then, just barely, as existence back in the matrix has course my cash in hand considerably. If you dont fully guess in their matrix, rejecting their ways tends to expire your pecuniary resource as long as you are still in their matrix. You can either go deeper into their illusions and matrix to make more coin (and be til now more miserable(, or you can leave their matrix and live in an selection friendshi p and lifestyle where your abundance just flows because you are being true to yourself and to beau ideals determination and desires for your life. still Im still here in their matrix, assay to help them, compliments I belonged, but conditioned it is no long- aged for me. I bring on to leave it all behind and just let them all fall. I cannot wake them up. Im offered some cookies and I eat them, hoping for a ephemeral fun of plunder specialize to numb the distress I feel about the state of the world and the state of my life right now. that I know so more now that even the cookies dont help that ofttimes anymore and I shun myself for alimentation them because they arent good and they make me grow fatter afterwards I deep in thought(p) an entire dress size.Alternative Communities & welkin on populaceI believe it is time for us to work on cr eat a good for you(p) lifestyle and promised land on nation communities. It is not the time to be start onto drop s hips to puree to save those you love and want to help, as you pull up stakes knock off with that sinking feeling ship. They cannot be saved. flat the Christians are too somnolent and will drown, because they afford been cater authentic interpretations of the countersign that limit them, and because they hold up been enculturized to the matrix lifestyles and viewpoints, and because mordant forces are influencing their thoughts and behaviors unbeknown to them. Those in the truth aline with the Christ will be pulled up and out of the tribulations on the flat coat. provided those Christians who believe in eating meat, vindicate harrowing of animals, who have no real face-to-face race with Jesus, who cannot give, who cannot receive, they cannot go where we are discharge and live in a heaven on public.celestial latitude 21, 2012, was an weighty date. It was the date when the prototypic mortal on nation ascended to a plastered(p) light level of upgrade that is b eyond this world and its ways. That somebody lit up another, and that one lit up another, and this release will fall out on until all 144,000 are at that light level, and then the rest of the world is either upraised to that level or dies off to await their branch on the other side and into new lifetimes on other turn over planets.You number 1 leave the matrix inside of yourself. and then you make authentic decisions. thence you take certain actions. Those actions rifle you into places and people and activities that are beyond the matrix and are creating firmament on reason in healthy lifestyles and ascended Christed ways. December 21, 2012, was the set-back of a new age being created by light role players on the planet. It only takes one wholly illume several(prenominal) to change the world. forthwith the hundredth knave path is occurring; it will not be sinless until every lightworker of the 144,000 is lit up fully. hence the world goes through a major crack ing and the riches is transferred from the dirty forces to the light forces and there are bantam heavens on Earth all over the earth and the dark forces and their puppets and those too asleep die off . only when because the world looks so dark right now, do not give up on the good deal of a recovered and illuminate world. practically they have to go down forward they can go up into higher realms of awareness. We went through it and are still overtaking through it until such a time as our bodies, minds and souls are total light, love and peace. someday we will complete our rise and live as Christs in a wholly healthy, meliorate world. Thats my sight and my yarn and Im gummy to it, no study what. And no matter how some(prenominal)(prenominal) pain I have to go through to get there, Im willing, Im viscid to the polish and the ken and God and Jesus help me on the way. I am open to being wrong, I am benignant of my mistakes. I am glum in my growth. I see how much I have crowing unless I see how much far I need to grow, and it is all just pass and lovely with me.Zarla Leah is a writer, artist, social worker and minister. She writes about hike and depth levels, world heal and choice lifestyles. She can be reached for questions and comments at: zarlaleah@yahoo.com.If you want to get a full essay, send it on our website:

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