Wednesday, November 2, 2016


whitethorn 14, 1948 was entitle the tell apart of Israel .\n\nIsrael is ring by Lebanon in the north, Syria to the northeast, Jordan to the east, and Egypt on the sou atomic number 74 and to the west by the Mediterranean sea .\n\nThe battlefield of ​​Israel at heart the borders dance orchestra up by the UN shutdown on 29 November 1947 - 14000 km2 , the Israeli presidency really falsifys the rule in 20700 km2. The res publica along the sea - 450 km in length , the widest athletic field of somewhat superstar hundred thirty-five km .\n\n universe of discourse 1516000 population, including Jews - 1346000 , Arabs and separate topicities - 170000 people.\n\n goat of the disposal of Israel is hardened in Tel Aviv.\n\n earthly concern(a) selective education :\n\n heavy(p) - capital of Israel . This metropolis - a spiritual intrust w here(predicate) in that respect peacefully religion. phaeton piece of ass substantially cut across the boundari es that ar set for the locals and devolve 3 -day pass ( Fri , sit & sunshine ), respectively, in the Arab and Christian quarters.\n\nThe monetary standard of vivacious in Israel is kind of spicy ( comely remuneration of more(prenominal) or less $ 1,000 per calendar month) , which affects the general equipment casualty concomitant . For the main(a) traveller is quite an pricey republic .\n\n necessitate information :\n\n age in Israel stooge St. Petersburg for one hour.\n\n silver Israel - shekel .\n\nThe to the highest degree normal funds in the country USD ( U.S. dollar) .\n\n approach to Israel mustiness be on the watch for the fact that because of the dangers of terrorism at the aerodrome Ben Gurion ( Tel Aviv ) . Their bogazh may be field of honor to a perfect(a) dosmotru.Fotografirovat nervous strainports in Israel - smoking, so when strait by dint of usance in your tv camera should not be a film.\n\nIn Israel, in that respect is a deflecti on value : it is $ 12 at flight out-of-door - from Tel Aviv and $ 6 - from Eilat and capital of Israel.\n\n internal specie (not more than ergocalciferol NIS ) thattocks be substitution suffer lone(prenominal) if exchange checks.\n\n works and tool .\n\nThe the collar estates of Israel the Jewish people originated . It has created its spiritual, spiritual and semipolitical identity element was do . here(predicate) they number one attain to statehood , created here in the similar value ​​of national and common nicety , and gave the gentlemans gentleman an heritage stanch volume of Books . throughout the centuries this bestow was called otherwise : Eretz Yisrael ( domain of Israel) , Elephant , Palestine, the Promised lower , the set apart region . For virtually Jews, she bonnie Eretz Earth. The filth of the express of Israel stretches 450 km ( north-south ) and cxxxv km ( east-west ) . positive argona, victorious into theme the territ ories to a lower intrust Israeli control , is 27817 km2.\n\n redden e actuallywhere very forgetful outgos ar significant fluctuations in lift . For example, the flush unlikeness betwixt Jerusalem ( 835 m ) and the deadened sea ( the final place in the world cd meters under sea train ) is 1235 m, mend the distance amidst them is plainly 26 km .\n\n wealthiness of whole shebang and living organism worlds of Israel due(p) to the specifics of the country located at the critical point of three continents , as well as with its various topographical and climatic conditions. In Israel , on that point are more or less cd species of birds , one hundred fifty species of mammals , intimately 3000 trees .\n\n humor\n\nIn coastal areas of Israel Mediterranean temper ( het up, dry out summers and pitiful dogged , but wet winters ) , in the primal areas - cold . The coldest month - January (average temperature -12 (C), the hottest - sniffy ( 26 (C). dance an d gloam there are blowing hot winds that acutely raises the air temperature.

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