Thursday, October 17, 2019

Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Proposal - Essay Example Like the students, educators also want to feel safe, secured, respected, and well - supported. Rooney (2003) suggests that â€Å"the wisdom of the good school must be worked out by those who live within its walls† yet there are so many issues in education which varies from highly qualified staff to unsafe school buildings and all areas in between. According to Weissbourd (2003), "schools can best support students moral development by helping teachers manage the stresses of their profession by increasing teachers capacity for reflection and empathy.† Another concern addressed by disenfranchised educators is the lack of state and federal funding to secure an adequate education. â€Å"School districts in poor rural communities have suffered funding issues for generations† (Borman, 2003); however, under public interest, the concern for teachers’ satisfaction oftentimes goes unnoticed. A qualitative random sample will be drawn from 20 K-12 public school teachers representing Dillon County School District Two. Survey and interview questions will be distributed to each educator. The researcher will then analyze the data using the appropriate statistical method. A. Problem under study: Lack of safety and salary as well as unsatisfactory administrative and parental support are the causative factors in the decline of the teachers entering the classroom. The problem addressed by this study is the significance teacher job satisfaction on student academic achievement. F. Data Collection Procedures: Survey forms and questionnaires comprising 10 questions will be distributed to 20 K - 12 educators from 6 schools in Dillon County District Two. This one week study consists of surveys and interview questions that will highlight on teachers’ satisfaction and students’ achievement. Problem Statement: The lack of teachers’ safety, salaries, and unsatisfactory administrative and parental support are the causative factors for teachers’

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