Friday, September 13, 2019

Emergency Management System in UK & USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Emergency Management System in UK & USA - Essay Example However, it is an area where both nations have their unique features of emergency management. For instance, UK seems to have incorporated counterterrorism with current homeland security system; whereas the US emphasis on special strategies to combat hazards emerged from terrorism. 2. Animal Emergency Management: As compared to UK, the United States pays higher priority to animal emergency management known as National Animal Health Emergency Management. NAHEMS undertakes the whole responsibilities of co-coordinating the activities of animal health emergency management with other organizations and make preparedness to encounter the emergency conditions. The responsibilities of the organization include coordination of national response infrastructure, coordinated emergency response plans and agreements, research and developments, training, education, and awareness programs ( The animal welfare act 2006 UK enacted general laws intended to ensure the protection of animals. Unlike the US system UK’s regulations mainly focus on provisions of the protection of farmed animals and domestic animals. 3. Emergency Medical Services (EMS): emergency medical service usually includes ambulance service and emergency rescue squad. It refers to ensuring urgent medical care or a higher level of healthcare to individuals with critically ill conditions. One can find considerable differences between the EMS operation systems of UK and the US. As US maintains a free healthcare market, there is no unanimous mode of operation can be found in EMS service. Although the service sector is regulated by government at federal level and more strictly at state levels, it is not solely owned by publicly-funded institutions. In addition to governmental initiatives, numerous private and profit oriented organizations also take part in the US emergency management system. They provide a wide range

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