Thursday, June 20, 2019

Japanese Zombie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Japanese Zombie - Essay ExampleJapanese students have been pleasure to work with. In the beginning days, he was an outsider to them, now they love and respect him immensely. He entered the class and hours passed it is getting afternoon. gutter left for lunch and as he returned school it was time for class. Time forever runs fast in class and as 4 pm arrived John left the school. He walked to the bus stop and as waiting for bus he thought I lovely life is. My bus is here... he whispered. John climbed the bus and sat near window. Oh why everybody hushing, is something unusual going on? He enquired to the human beings beside... What a tsunami. John could find a shiver run through his spine. A tsunami...Good Lord what I am hearing. Is everything alright? Hmm. The tsunami has hit the lantern slide and the nuclear reactors have been damaged. Is a radiation leak underway? Oh God I hope everything will be alright. Now all people be panicking, I am getting out of the bus and getting bac k to home. John got down and caught the bus back home and he was all diaphoresis and nervous. Now what would happen? I love this place, is this all going to end up in to a disaster zone. John stepped in to his tolerate and switched on the television to watch the news. How no... This is a huge tsunami and the effect is going to be bad. According to (King) A tsunami is a large ocean wave that is caused by jerky motion on the ocean floor. This sudden motion could be an earthquake, a powerful volcanic eruption, or an underwater landslide. I had so numerous dreams of living here I love this beautiful city I could never see it destroyed. Thank God I live little stain far away from the coast but I could still see the ocean if I walk a kilometer. Hmm. Let me have a find from terrace...John climbed to the terrace and all he could see is water logged beach with all trees and buildings collapsed. I wanted to call my friends but damn, the cell phones are dead. Hmm, it is getting duskiness and cold... as midnight approached John went to sleep. It is so windy I can feel some noises around. John rose up and looked at the neighbor hood house and the lights are off and he could see loud noise and scream and as he watched suddenly he could see silence approaching. He behind walked towards the house nearby... he saw the front door open. I know only a Japanese couple lives here... no one around... he stepped in. oh everything tattered and I could see drops of blood on the ground... oh some notes on the ground... what is in it? We are the ghost hunters, and we need to feel our enemies with our own fists like they do in those kung fu films. (A zombie hunter manifest) .Is it a poem...but...let me read more I am not human, but I am neither dead...i am here for blood... John started shivering I can see another letter with same kind of poem... what is happening.Oh God I hear some foot steps...God why this man and women look so strange, their face all decayed and

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